Makeup for the Bride

On Location Makeup for the Bride & Bridal Party

Bridal makeup is one of the most popular makeup services nowadays, and as a highly professional makeup artist, I pay a lot of attention to it.

Bridal Makeup

When we’re talking about any woman’s most special day in life (namely, the wedding), it’s really impossible to overrate the importance and cruciality of the makeup. This day of the year, it becomes just as important for the bride as her gown, the wedding reception’s location or the wedding cake that she and her future husband are going to cut as a married couple.

Perfect Wedding Make Up

So when I am approached by a bride or her friend to do the makeup session on the morning of the wedding, typically I start by meeting with the bride. Determining which makeup will highlight her face’s complexion and natural beauty the most is front and center for me. After choosing and arranging the makeup style with the happy bride, I prepare all my makeup products and tools before the day!

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