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Meet Your Makeup Expert

What people seem to like the most about my work, is that whatever the occasion is, I am truly passionate about makeup to be done flawlessly. This is especially evident in my high demand in the wedding field.

Bridal makeup


Prom makeup


casual makeup


The tools a makeup artist uses matter

That said, whenever you have a makeup artist working on your looks, the type and grade of the tools he or
she uses will tell you a lot about this person’s professionalism.

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Makeup Recommendations

Do not be afraid to experiment!

When it comes to finding and creating a perfect stunning visual style that will fit your complexion and your natural beauty the most, it never works out without some degree of experimenting with different kinds of styles, products, and makeups... Eventually, this trial and error way will let me find your perfect image!

  • Experiment with your lipstick
  • Try on different mascara and eye shadows colors
  • Test miscellaneous rouges and blushes
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Some of My Clients

Tourner Co.

This company has hired me for their photoshoots many times.

Frank’s Co.

I’ve been cooperating with this fashion magazine since the 90s!

Retro Press

Most of the models they shot were wearing makeup by me!