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The Perfect Eyebrows

Yes, the makeup is important for every woman, but the eyebrows though tend to be overlooked for far too often. As these are the centerpieces of our faces, this kind of obstruction is not right. In this post, I’m gonna teach you how you can use makeup and shape your eyebrows the best and the fastest!

So let’s just start with debunking a myth which states that having thick eyebrows works only for those women, who have lush hair. It’s been said by numerous makeup artists over time, that this one is not true. So, what are the things about eyebrows makeup that you really can improve?

  • Start with clean, dry brows
  • Place a brush along the side of your nose to find where your brows should ideally start
  • Angle the brush from the outside of your nose to the outer corner of your eye
  • Brush brows up with a spoolie brush
  • Using short dash-like strokes to mimic your natural hairs, softly fill in any sparse areas with a pencil

So far we’ve been on the track of making your eyebrows look even thicker and lusher, enhancing your face’s proportions and your natural beauty. The next step in this makeup process will be for you to pick the color that best matches your brows and fill in really lmildly so it's barely visible... The finishing beauty strike will be all about applying an angled brush and a similarly colored pressed powder to define the shape of your brows even more. The goal is to really have the most even brows, but try not to overly fill in the inside corners. Good luck!

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Oh, the eyebrows are hard to shape!

Yeah... But is it worth the effort? You bet it is!

Hmm... I am still considering the “lush hair and thick brows” thing to be true!

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